Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer 2024 (All Week)

Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer is available in here. You will get ICT assignment solution from our website. We always provide the correct answer to you. So you can follow our website to get your answer at

Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer

Because of COVID 19 (Corona Virus), this year also any examination (1st term/ semester) will not be held at school. But the students have to submit subject wise assignment. Here we are providing you class 9 English assignment solutions.

Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer

The modern world is revolving around ICT, so we can’t but accept the importance of ICT in our daily life. In the same way, it plays a key role in the class 9 assignment syllabus. If you want to complete the ICT assignment of class 9, follow the solution given here.

6th Week Class 9 ICT Assignment

বর্তমানে কোভিড -১৯ উদ্ভুত পরিস্থিতিতে শিক্ষা কার্যক্রম চলমান রাখায় ই-লার্নিং এর ভুমিকা বিষয়ক ২৫০ শব্দের মধ্যে একটি প্রতিবেদন তৈরি কর

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