Write A Paragraph On Your First Day At School. What experience did you have then?

Are you looking for First Day At School Paragraph, then you are right place. This is most important paragraph for the students to be written in Class 6 to 8 Exam. We collect 3 types Paragraph On Your First Day At School. So that you can easily chose any of one.

Think of your first day at school. What experience did you have then? How did you feel – Happy , frightened, thrilled or shy? Why did you feel so?

In your writing use the following cues-

When did you go there?
Who did you go with?
How did you go there?
Who did you meet there?
What did you see there?
What was interesting/ boring to you? Why?
How did you feel after returning home?

My first day at school was very exciting.The day was Sunday 1 January 2014. I went to school with my mother in a rickshaw. It was 8.00 am in the morning and the road was free. We reached the school in time. My mother took me to the Headmaster’s room. I felt both excited and frightened. The Headmaster smilingly asked me what was my name. I answered him smilingly too.

Then he appreciated me which was very interesting to me. I saw that the Headmaster’s room was well decorated. I was thinking about my class and classmates. The Headmaster called my class-teacher.

I bade my mother goodbye and went to the classroom with the teacher. I found my classmates very friendly. After completing classes, I returned home. I shared all of my memories with my mother. I felt very happy that day. It was a memorable day in my life.

OR NEW a paragraph My First Day at School

My first day at school is one of the most memorable days of my life. The day was Sunday 1 January 2012. I went to a nearby primary school with my father. I had many unknown fears. After reaching school, I saw some students were playing in the field. Then, we went to the Headmaster’s office. There we met some teachers. A teacher took us to my classroom.

When my father left me in the class, I understood that I was in a new and unknown world. Soon all of the students joined the assembly. The headmaster delivered a short speech welcoming us at the beginning of the year. Then we returned to the class. After a while, our class teacher entered the class. He told us about many rules and important things.

After some time the first bell rang. Then a new teacher came. She was our English teacher. She told us an interesting story. I enjoyed the class. Really the teachers were very friendly to us. All my fear disappeared after the class. At last, the final bell rang. My father was waiting for me at the school gate. We came back home. I will never forget the sweet memories of the first day at school.

Tarun’s first day at school was very difficult. He was going to school with his father in rickshaw. They got stuck in the traffic jam and reached school 15 minutes late. Saying good bye his father left him at the school gate. Going in, he found that everyone had gone to respective class. There was none to tell direction. Twice he walked into a classroom that was not his. He felt very embarrassed. When he got his class, he was almost in tears. So a new school is a new experience to Tarun.


  • Difficult- কষ্টকর
  • Got Stuck- আটকে পড়া
  • Reached-পৌছালো
  • Respective- নিজ নিজ
  • Direction-নির্দেশনা
  • Almost-প্রায়
  • Experience-অভিজ্ঞতা
  • Gate- ফটক
  • Tears-চোখের জল

My First Day At School Paragraph

A new school is a new experience. My first day at Titas Adarsha School was not very difficult. I went to school on foot as it was very close to my village. When I arrived at school, the bell rang. I found my classroom easily. In the class I met my primary school classmates, Dipu and Amin. We sat together. So I didn’t feel embarrassed at all. I also made friendship with two other new friends. The class teacher asked me a question. I answered it to the point. The teacher thanked and praised me. I felt very happy. In fact, my first day at high school was a very happy event.


  • Experience- অভিজ্ঞতা
  • Arrived-পৌছালো
  • Easily-সহজে
  • Classmates-সহপাঠি
  • Friendship-বন্ধুত্‌
  • Embarrassed-লজ্জাবোধ করা
  • At All-একদম
  • Raised-প্রশংসা করল
  • Event- ঘটনা
  • Felt-অনুভব করলাম।

Paragraph On First Day At School

There are many beautiful memories in human life. While some memories are forgotten, some other memories are so important and the heart touches that which is not forgotten and remain fresh ever. The memory of my first day at school is still fresh in my heart.

I was 6 years old then. My father told me I was going to start my first school life. I was feeling very excited and nervous then. I couldn’t think of anything else then. I could not sleep that night because I was thinking about school, teachers, students all the time. The next morning my mother woke me up early. I took a bath. My mother put on a nice dress. After breakfast, we started walking to school. About 20 minutes later we arrived at school. My school name is ___________________. I saw a lot of students playing in the school. Some are talking to each other. But everyone is unfamiliar to me. Mother took me to the headmaster’s room. He asked me some questions and I answered all the questions. He was very pleased with my answer. Then he called a teacher and took me to my class. I was enrolled in class one. The class teacher and students accepted me with heartily. At first I was nervous, but later on I became normal. I will remember this day till the last day of my life.


  • Memories = স্মৃতি
  • Nervous = সহজে বিচলিত
  • Excited = উত্তেজিত
  • Unfamiliar = অপরিচিত
  • Pleased = খুশি
  • Accepted = গ্রহণ করা
  • Heartily = আন্তরিকভাবে

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