Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Biography (Wife, Mother, Brother & Father )

After being famous on social media, many people are excited to know about Faraaz Karim Chowdhury. But as he encloses most of his private information from being public, it is rather than difficult to make available all the authentic information about Faraaz Karim Chowdhury biography.

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury

Despite this complexity, we have tried to go deep into the childhood, education, career of this youth icon. With his social actions, he has become a role model for young politicians. We aim to help you see his life from a different perspective other than his aristocracy.

We urge you to continue reading till the end if you are really interested to know Faraaz Karim Chowdhury biography. Before going to other aspects, let’s shortly know who is Farad Karim Chowdhury and why he has become the talk of the internet.

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Who Is Faraaz Karim Chowdhury?

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury is the son of ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury, who is the Member of Parliament for the constituency of Chottogram-6 and grandson of former well-known politician AKM Fazlul Kabir Chowdhury.

He and his family possess a strong political background which led him to grow his career in politics and social welfare. Recently, he has become very popular among the youth after some of his social justice videos have gone viral.

Here will be some highlights of Faraaz Karim Chowdhury biography. Please take a glance.

  • Birth Place: RauzanUpazila, Chittagong District
  • Birth Date: 26th August 1992.
  • Father: ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury, Member of Parliament, Chottogam-6.
  • Education: No concrete information but assumed to complete post-graduation.
  • Occupation: Politics

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Childhood

As the successor of a veteran political family, Faraaz Karim Chowdhury has carefully hidden all the information about his childhood. This is why much information about his childhood isn’t available. It is obvious that a child in a family like this would be the center of attention.

He has been taught all moralities and humane behavior since his childhood which led to today’s Faraaz Karim Chowdhury who is very kind and honest to his duties to mankind. His steps inspire thousands of young people today, the seed of which was sown in his childhood.

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Wife


Faraaz Karim Chowdhury is married on 23rd February (Friday) 2024.


Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Father

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury is the son of ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury, who is the Member of Parliament for the constituency of Chottogram-6.

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Father

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Mother

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Mother
Faraaz Karim Chowdhury with Mother (L)

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Education Life

Like his childhood, there is not much information about his education either. But as far as we know him through his viral videos on social media, he seems to be quite educated and well-mannered. A growing young politician like him who belongs to an aristocrat family must have some graduation and post-graduation degree.

But he emphasizes the inner development in his videos which clearly shows that he has a great mind too. Often, we confuse institutional education with the development of minds or lives.

Faraaz Karim brother
Faraaz Karim younger brother with his dad

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Wife

You are interested to know about Faraaz Karim Chowdhury biography, I means you are also interested to know about faraaz karim chowdhury Wife. If you are eager to know about the name of any other information about Faraaz Karim Chowdhury wife, it will be great to search on Google. You probably come to know about a lot of things quickly. If you belong to the Raozan area, most probably you already know about Faraaz Karim Chowdhury wife.

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Occupation

As of now, Faraaz Karim Chowdhury seems to take no profession permanently other than his political and social movement. As he belongs to a wealthy family, it might not be a problem for him at all. Maybe he wants to emphasize more on his social activist identity than a businessman or politician.

The clean image he has built to date is going to highly help him if he takes politics as his profession as his father and grandfather. The people of his area, especially the young people love him so much and ready to be on his side all the way around.

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Wife

Faraaz Karim Contribution for Society

It will be an injustice to this youngster if we don’t include his social work in Faraaz Karim Chowdhury biography. He is doing social welfare for a long while. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he has arranged several shelters for doctors, health workers, and isolation centers for Covid-19 patients.

He also distributes foods and other items to the inhabitants of his area during Holy Ramadan. Whenever something immoral comes to him, he is seen to rush and solve the issues quite fast. This is one of the biggest reasons for him being viral on social media.


To end Faraaz Karim Chowdhury biography, it will be enough to say that he is going to be a star in politics within a few years if he continues his social activities. With his education, views, and wisdom, he will be able to bring people together for the betterment of the country.

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