Class 8 English Assignment Solution 2024 (৮ম শ্রেণির ইংরেজি অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট)

Class 8 English Assignment Solution (৮ম শ্রেণির ইংরেজি অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট). Class 8 English Assignment Answer is available in here. Class 8 students are anxiously searching the solution of English assignment. Now we are providing you the correct answer about English Assignment Solution for Class 8. You just need to follow us to get all subjects solutions together. In our website at, all subjects answer is available here.

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Class 8 English Assignment Answer

Because of COVID 19 (Corona Virus), this year any examination will not be held at school. But the students have to submit subject wise assignment. Here we are providing you class 8 English assignment solutions.

English Assignment Class 8 2nd week

Class 8 English Assignment Answer 2024 4th Week

9th Week Class 8 English Assignment


Lesson 3: Hygiene
Priya lives in a village. Now-a-days, she is confinedto the four walls as her school has been closed since 17 March 2024. She became scared when she came to know that a deadly virus named Corona spread all over the world and the Government of Bangladesh requested people to stay at home to stop the spread widely. To maintain personal health and hygiene, people need to eat nutritious food and take regular physical exercise, wash hands frequently and maintain social distance to be safe. However, it makes her sad seeingmany people not following the safety rules.

Now, think of the existing worldwide corona pandemic situation. List 10 protective measures and make a poster to stop the spread of coronavirus disease, COVID-19.

Instruction: Students are asked to follow the general rules of making a poster.

12th Week Class 8 English Assignment

Lesson 3: Our daily diet Your Daily Diet

1. Make a list of food items you take every day as breakfast, brunch (a meal between breakfast and lunch), lunch, afternoon tea (a small meal you can have in the afternoon) and, dinner and, identify what kinds of food they are. For example- Protein, carbohydrates, etc.

2. Decide if your daily diet is balanced. If yes, give reasons.

3. If it’s not, explain why not.

English Assignment Class 8 2nd week

Suppose, you have a foreign friend who is very curious to know about the ethnic people of your country. Now, prepare a fact file on them. You can tell about their dress, food, culture, sports and pastimes in 200 words. Use narratives, images, pictures, tables, or information as needed.

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Class 8 12th Assignment English 2024

Exercise on page no. 143:

Changing assertive sentences into interrogative

Suppose you visited a place last year. Describe that place answering the following questions:

1) Where did you visit?
2) Why did you go there?
3) How did you go there?
4) Who accompanied you?
5) Did you like the place? Why/Why not?

Paragraph (Descriptive): Suppose you visited a place last year

Visiting a place with friends or family members is always a great memory to remember. No matter it is a new place or we have visited the place earlier, we feel really well when we visit the place again and again. I personally get a lot of memories to share with my friends and dear ones. I usually take a camera to click some interesting moments while I visit any place. I also maintain a diary where I list all the interesting memories.

Last year, I have visited Lalbagh Fort that is a great historical place in Bangladesh. It is a 17th Century Mughal fort that is situated by the river Buriganga. It is one of the oldest architectures of Bangladesh. Mughal Subahdar Muhammad Azam Shah built the fort. Muhammad Azam Shah was the son of the emperor, Aurangzeb. People say that the construction of Lalbag Fort never completed.

I visited the place for a couple of reasons. One of the main reasons is that I like to visit different historical places in our country. Another reason to visit the place was that one of my friends visited the fort and described the architecture of the fort that I felt interested to visit the place. After hearing everything about the place, I was very much interested to visit and waited for my family approval.

Finally, I went there with my family members. We were a total of four in numbers. We went there by bus and the journey was really great. We actually had a great bus journey together. I was accompanied by my father, mother, and younger sister. While going to the place, I was busy with taking a lot of photos with my camera. I clicked a lot of interesting things to make the trip more interesting.

I liked the place very much like the big area of the place amazed me. Apart from this, I was surprised by the design and architecture of the fort. The fort consists of 3 frameworks of the residence of the Governor name of which is Diwan-I-Aam’, a mosque, and the tomb of Bibi Pari. Bibi Pari was the daughter of Emperor Shaista Khan. Overall, the trip was very interesting for me and for all of my family members as well.

Class 8 9th Assignment English

Do you like a nakshi kantha or an ordinary kantha? Why?

Think about a delicious and nutritious food like Khichuri or Pudding or Firni. Ask some questions to your mother about its recipe. Try to prepare it with the help of other family members. Now, describe how to cook it following the recipe of custard given in your textbook. Also, write down two reasons why it is good or healthy food.

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